Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pictures From the Mudslide

These were taken two days ago when Treavor hitched a ride with some locals to go and hand out aid and pray for those affected by the recent flooding.  The death toll from these floods have now reached 54.  It is so sad and we believing for Hope to rise up in the midst of it all.

As you look on these, please reflect on and intercede for the houses (which represent real, live families) that are in need of great provision and even greater hope.  As we have read and heard, some families have decided not to return back to this village because practically everything they had, including their dwelling, was swept away.  Mercy, Lord.

A caravan of five trucks - filled with caring believers and sacks of clothes, food, soap and Bible tracts.

 The sack at the front door was some of the aid given.  This house was almost completely covered to the roof.

Treavor said that there were just piles of enormous trees swept everywhere.

Standing in the middle of was once a giant river of mud.  If you look up at the mountain, you can see the bare patches where the soil gave way and came crashing down onto the village below.

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