Friday, April 15, 2011

Water Fight! A Story In Pictures.

Songkran (click for more info) happened a few days ago.  Well, really, in the bigger cities here in Thailand, they celebrate for three and sometimes five days straight!  In our teensy-weensy town, the water fight lasts one day - but, man, it is FUN!

Here's a look into the action (I took a drive right outside our little street and locked the doors to make sure nobody pelted me and my camera with a bucket of water!)...

Run and Huy, dressed in classic Songkran attire

They're ready!

The first shot.

Run snuck around to our neighbor's house to get a surprise shot...this poor, unsuspecting boy was dutifully washing his father's truck...when Run strikes!

After study-time, Daddy joins in...and they walk up the road to the main event!

In our town, the place when EVERYONE plays is 7-eleven, the land of Slurpees.

The sidewalks were full of people hanging out.

People get on their motorbikes and pile into pick-up trucks to drive down the road...squirting others, and getting drenched, themselves.

These kids had colored talcum powder that they smeared onto unsuspecting passers-by.  My doors were locked!  Haha!

The road was full for a few miles...

And then, I spotted them!  Treav and the boys were in the back of our friend's pick-up, having a BLAST (no pun intended)!

"Get Mommy's car!!!"

Later that afternoon, we headed to some friends' house in a nearby town to play some more!

Our friends had some Thais and foreigners over to eat MEXICAN food.  The kitchen was full! was the eating room.

The boys and M, another foreigner, going to town with the water guns. 

They blessed the food...

...and BOY!  Did we have a feast, or what!?!

Fun, food, and friends; a great end to a great day!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! That looked like SO MUCH fun! Your boys looked like they were just having the best of times!


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