Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Double Rainbow!

Today, after dinner, Jeshurun looks out the window and yells, "A RAINBOW!!!  WAIT, TWO RAINBOWS!"
The whole family ran outside and just stood in wonder of God.  The sky was orange from the setting of the sun behind storm clouds in the distance, and we all praised God for his faithfulness to us! 

Yesterday, Treavor went with some local believers to hand out aid, share and pray for those affected by the recent floods and mudslides in a nearby city.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  Some people have lost everything.  It is truly so sad, but as we looked upon these rainbows today, we thanked God for his covenant with all the peoples of the earth never to cover the entire face of this world again. 

Even as we sit in our depravity, our pride, and our turning away from his beauty - He still shows his mercy and his everlasting love through a magnificent rainbow in the clouds. 

He has painted it for us today. 

And we are grateful. 

And He is good.

I messed with the saturation a little on this one so you could see the second rainbow (it is fainter, to the left and over the brighter one)

Another edited shot, you can see it clearer on the left

The original colors (the second, bigger rainbow was almost gone by now - but still magnificent to us!)

Thank you, Lord - You're Awesome!

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